Launched in 2000, Techsail develops innovative analysis tools for sailing yachts. Through the initiative the PC based software Sailfish Yacht Analyzer is made available on the Internet.

We offer user-centric applications that combine ease-of-use and high performance. Our top priority is to find ways to make the complicated algorithms for prediction performance of a sailing yacht simple. The goal is that any person, interested in sailing performance prediction, should be able to don analysis. Our flagship product, Sailfish Yacht Analyzer, makes it easy.

Techsail is always on the edge of advances about the sailing analysis.

Our Vision

Our vision is that everyone that cares about performance of sailing yachts, should have the possibility to make simple analysis based of facts.

What is VPP or Velocity Prediction Program?

Have you ever wondered how much faster your yacht would go if you increase the length of your mast with 3 feet? Or have you considered to decrease the water tank with 3 gallons to save weight and increase speed? A Velocity prediction Program can help you with that kind of answers.

A VPP is a program that takes into account a limited number of parameters from your yacht and makes a velocity calculation for a number of wind situations. The result is then presented in a so called PolarOur Strategy

Techsail believes that future advances in science around sailing should be available in a simple way without the need of being a yacht designer. We are doing our best to include new knowledge and algorithms in our software to help you in your analysis.full.

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