NAVTEX is an international, automated system for instantly distributing maritime navigational warnings, weather forecasts and warnings, search and rescue notices and similar information to ships. No person needs to be present during a broadcast to receive vital information.

The NAVTEX system is designed for low cost devices on ship. The system consist of a small, low-cost radio receiver installed in the pilot house of a ship or boat that checks each incoming message to see if it has been received during an earlier transmission.

If the message is a new and wanted message, it is shown in the application or printed on paper; if not, the message is ignored.
A NAVTEX radio receiver is required to receive the transmission and Techsail NAVTEX is the software tool to store, process and display the messages.
Recreational boaters are not required to use NAVTEX but the services is very useful


For broadcast purposes, the world’s oceans are divided into 16 areas of responsibility, called Metareas/Navareas. In Techsail NAVTEX you choose which area you are sailing in.
Filter Messages
If you get many messages, you can filter on message type for quickly find relevant messages.
Urgent alerts
Urgent alerts will create pop-up messages as well as warning sound in the loud speaker.
In most sailing yachts, printing on paper is not preferred – Techsail NAVTEX is the alternativ.


Messages presented in a clear view with the font you choose.
Easy Navigation – The left column displays all actual messages as they arrive

System Requirements

Computer/Processor – PC with 1 GHz or faster microprocessor
USB port – At least one available.Memory – 500MB of RAM for Windows 10
Hard Disk – 50 MB of available hard-disk space
Operating System – Microsoft Windows 10.
Peripherals – Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device.
Internet connection If you operate on-line near shore.

NAVTEX Radio This software requires a “NASA – PC Navtex USB” receiver if you are going to operate Off-shore!

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Techsail NMEA Server English
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