Connects your old NMEA 0183 instruments to your modern Wi-Fi gadgets!


  • NMEA to TCP/IP Transmitter.  Transmits you serial NMEA signal into network an IP package.

  • NMEA Multiplexer. Use up to 4 different NMEA 0183 devices that will be multiplexed i.e. GPS, AIS and wind instruments.
  • Use your PC as a GPS transmitter.

What to do

1. Connect your instrument to a Windows PC
2. Start the Techsail NMEA ServerYour NMEA 0183 will be available over IP !

Enjoy ūüôā

Standard Features

Network Packages
NMEA 0183 messages from a serial port translated into a TCP/IP package.

Multiplexing of Messages

A software Multiplexer of NMEA 0183 messages into one stream om messages as TCP/IP packages.

System Requirement

Computer/Processor – PC with 1 GHz or faster microprocessor
Network card – WiFi is preferred
USB port – At leas one available.Memory – 500MB of RAM for Windows 10
Hard Disk – 50 MB of available hard-disk space
Operating System – Microsoft Windows 10.
Peripherals – Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device.


Serial to USB – To be able to receive NMEA 0183, you must have a serial to USB adapter. Without it the software has no value.

Standard Pricing

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Full Package Product
Techsail NMEA Server English
Version: 1
Environment:Windows 10
Media:downloadable install file
Estimated Price:$9.95

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